My Story

My Story!!

Back in the year 2000 when I had just finished class 8, my siblings, and a few family friends attended one of the 1 st ever contemporary gospel shows in Kenya. It was Kubamba (back then they had a show on metro FM 101.9) and the event was held at KICC. Young people stormed the event and as perfomances were going on and people were dancing I just kept watching the DJ and was amazed. I instantly gained interest in Djing and though I knew nothing much about it at the time, it was awesome to see how one person can set the mood of an event.

In years to come, (after watching the likes of Dj John of Homeboyz, Dj Kev (Back then JC Groove) and Dj Moz of KKrew) I knew this is something I would love to “try” because my interest in this one thing seemed to grow each and every time I saw a DJ perform. I kept on searching and checking to learn more about this art.


At first, It wasn’t easy since still being in high school and access to such information wasn’t easy as the number of DJs was not as much as it is today and internet access in Kenya was still a far cry compared to what it is today. For the few DJs I came approached, it was hard for them (understandably due to the limited time they had and high cost of equipment) to open their doors to a stranger and let them in for a session or two.

After form 4, I began DJing at excans fellowship at CITAM valley road with a 6000ksh mixer and 2 discmans trying to blend songs and play continuous music. I only owed two CDs, Mary Mary’s Thankful album (that had the hit song shackles) and Kirk Franklin’s Nu Nation Project (that had Revolution) It looked cool but that dint work out so well, I moved on to Virtual DJ software which I used to DJ with back in campus at campus gigs with a couple of other “Virtual DJs” with whom we did it for free because we loved it One of my highest points was in 2010 when through the support of family and a few friends bought my first set of DJ equipment. With this development I eventually learnt how to use pro DJ equipment and my journey as professional DJ began. Only 3 months after learning how to beat match on turntables I was so syked up and felt I was pretty good and even participated in Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition where I was knocked out in the auditions but that did not deter me. In fact, I stayed on and watched how the rest of the DJs played and went home knowing the reality, that of how much I was yet to learn.

I got into media as a DJ and co host on a show known as Gospel Quench on 3 stones TV with my hosts Winnie Adisa, Njeri Githae and our youth pastor at the time Pastor Kevin Owino. This was back in 2013 and the show ran for a year. Quite the experience because as it goes, you can never forget your first time on air but after Gospel Quench, i took a break out of the media to focus on other businesses.

In 2015, I took part in the inaugural Gifted DJs competition and made it all the way to the finals alongside 6 other DJs. That was a great experience as I learnt a lot about DJing as a career, making creative sets, experience from mentors and networked a lot with other gospel DJs in the ministry. It is probably with this experience that God enabled me to emerge top as the Winner of Gifted DJs 2016.

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